Government Assistance

General Assistance (GA)– Provides temporary assistance with fuel, utilities, housing, food, personal items, non-elective medical necessities, burial, and basic services essential to maintain a household.  It is available in every town, and any person has the right to apply for GA.  There is an application process that takes place during the regular hours posted at the town office.  Recognizing that maneuvering the rules of GA can be tedious, Pine Tree Legal Assistance offers detailed information on their website.   The Maine Council of Churches also offers a GA information card to help pastors and congregations to provide clear information about this resource.

Emergency Assistance (Also known as Family Crisis Assistance)- Provides benefits to families with children that are threatened by destitution or homelessness due to fire, other natural disasters, termination of utility service, evictions, or lack of adequate shelter.  Only certain items can be purchased with these funds.  For more information contact Dawn Mulcahey at (207) 287-6426 at the Office of Integrated Access and Support.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)– Provides temporary cash assistance, training, employment services, and childcare assistance while the family works at become self-supporting.  For more information contact Dawn Mulcahey at (207) 287-6426 at the Office of Integrated Access and Support.

Public Assistance Applications– Here are a variety of public assistance applications that the Office of Integrated Access and Support requires when applying for any of their services.