Welcome to JusticeandMercyME

Welcome to JusticeandMercyME.

We are a web-based resource that seeks to encourage and empower people of all faith traditions to join in the battle to end domestic poverty here in Maine.   We feature organizations that are making systemic changes through acts of justice, and organizations that are meeting the needs of the here and now through acts of mercy.  We believe that if we each “Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God” that we can fulfill the hope of ending domestic poverty.

We feature government agencies, Maine-based organizations, and national organizations that address hunger, the need for everyday necessities, homelessness, centers that work for justice and mercy, as well as, volunteer and grant opportunities.  Through our weekly blog we also feature other news, events, ministries, and organizations that address ending domestic poverty here in Maine.

If you are passionate about this social justice issue be sure to subscribe to our blog or like us on Facebook.  For those interested in how JusticeandMercyME came to be, check out our history.

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